Easy Setup

Our telephony platform is clodu-based, meaning no bulky, power-hungry onsite equipment needs to be installed / configured. Instead, we ship you a handset, you plug it in, that's it. Each handset is ready to go within 2 minutes of plugging it in.


Moving office? No problem! Being cloud-based, you can move handsets without any need to reconfigure them; simply unplug the handset and plug it in at your new premises. With a working internet connection all handsets will be ready to go within minutes.

Need an extra handset? No problem! Simply give us a call, we will tell you the additional monthly cost, and once agreed we ship you the extra handset either same day or next day.

Low Operational Cost

Included in the monthly price you pay is the rental of the handsets, so you don't need to worry about large capital expenditure for new (or replacement) handsets.

Already have handsets you would like to use? Give us a call! If we can verify the handsets will work with our service, we will provide a tailored package to your needs.


Most VoIP platforms operate using open, standardised network protocols that are widely accepted to be insecure. Whilst this results in wide opterability and even though work has progressed on securing these protocols, calls can still be subjected to eavesdropping. Our solution uses an end-to-end SSL VPN for all VoIP traffic, meaning total call security*.

Extensive Range of Hardware

We offer an extensive range of hansets to support different use-cases and feature-sets. For instance, a single-user home office taking 2-3 calls per day wouldn't need a full-colour, high-resolution display, or a video phone. That said, if those are the features you want, we can offer them!

We have IP devices to suit practically any requirement, from basic single-line handsets to conference units, video phones and door entry phones.
* please not that we can only guarantee call security from your handsets to the edge of our network, once you call is placed over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) security cannot be guaranteed, and should never be assumed. All calls between our handsets are private.

Our Feature List:

Basic Advanced
Up to 10 Concurrent calls
Shared Line Appearance
Narrow Band Codec's
Itemised Billing
Call Queues
Call Groups
Dial Groups
Intercom Paging
Voicemail with message
waiting indicator
Call Divert
Music on Hold
Caller Line ID
Voicemail to Email
Call Recordings
Conference Calls
HD Codec's
Optional Features:
TPS Screening for
outbound calls
Why use us?

Unlike some other companies we like to take the time to understand how your company works and what your requirements are. This way we can ensure that you are getting the perfect package for you that not only gives you peace of mind but will fit with your system.

We like to go the extra mile and ensure that you are completely happy with the level of service that we are providing you because at the end of the day, if you are happy, then so are we.

Our Aims
  1. To combine customer focus with our 50+ years combined IT industry experience.
  2. To continually build and retain close relationships with our customers, both local business and major national organisations.
  3. To work with our customers and local community to promote IT education and understanding through training opportunities.
  4. To listen to our customers feedback and requirements in order to guarantee that the services we supply evolve along with their business.
  5. To lead through innovation, developing unique and exciting products and services with an emphasis on providing total solutions.

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