Email Filtering & Archiving

The volume of e-mail being sent back and forth worldwide is increasing day by day. Organisations have a duty to keep records for a number of years, which can include e-mail communications.

Organisations also have to find a place to keep the ever-increasing volume of e-mails arriving day by day, and users have a habit of cluttering their inboxes in some cases with several years worth of e-mail!

Our archiving solution combats both these issues, by maintaining an archive of all e-mails that enter or leave your mail servers. This way you can set retention policies that clear users inboxes after a set period of time, whilst still allowing the users to access their e-mails, restoring to their inbox where necessary.

All data is encrypted and stored securely, with as long a retention period as you need.

When coupled with our mail filtering solution, this provides full business continuity, allowing users to access e-mails remotely even if you experience power/data outages!

According to, in April 2013 "72.2% of all e-mail traffic sent around the world, was junk. In addition, 2.4% of e-mails contained malicious files." With these statistics, the threat to productivity this poses must be taken seriously.

Why use us?

Unlike some other companies we like to take the time to understand how your company works and what your requirements are. This way we can ensure that you are getting the perfect package for you that not only gives you peace of mind but will fit with your system.

We like to go the extra mile and ensure that you are completely happy with the level of service that we are providing you because at the end of the day, if you are happy, then so are we.

Our Aims
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